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Conveyor roller and frame
  • Conveyor roller and frame

Conveyor roller and frame

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Carrying Idlers

Trough Idlers

Trainer Idlers

Impact Idlers

Self-aligning Idlers


Return Idlers

Flat Single Return Idlers

V Type Return Idlers

Cleaning Type Return Idlers


Trough Idlers

A trough idler, which is the most common idlers used on high capacity belt conveyor, is mounted on the carrying side. Generally it consists of 3 rollers in equal length. The two outer rollers are inclined upward and the middle one is horizontal. The inclined degree can be 30°,35°and 45°, some can be up to 60° in suspended type. There are two basic types: standard type and ahead inclined type. The latter can also be present all through the conveyor to prevent the belt from side slip.


Self-aligning Idlers

The trainer idlers were fixed to keep belt running in correct line. When belt runs to one side, the structure frame will turn to opposite side.


Self Cleaning idlers

Self cleaning idlers are fixed on the return side of the conveyor to clean off the materials that stuck to the belt working surface. They could be identified as following types:
Flat Comb Type, V Comb Type and Flat Spiral Type. Generally, 1 set of spiral idlers would be set closed to the  end drum and 5 or 6 sets of comb type return idlers followed.


Impact Idlers

Impact idlers with rubber rings of high shock absorbing quality are fixed under the feed system. The rubber rings would absorb the impact by falling materials to prevent the belt and idler body from damaging.


Flat Return Idlers

They are adopted to support the conveyor belt on return side.


Conveyor idler frame

CertificateNational Industrial Products Manufacture Certificate

Management system       ISO 9001:2000

Dimension (Belt width)mm:


Belt type: sailcloth belt, nylon belt, polyester belt, steel-cord belt

Application: Metallurgy, Coal, Transportation, electric power,  building materials, chemical industry, Light industry, grain industry, machine industry

Standard: TD75, DTII, DTIIA, DJI, DJII, DX, CEMA,SGS,ISO  or according to requirements

Degree: 10 20 30 35 45 10±5 20±5

Welding: Automatic welding

Surface: Electric spray painting&Hot dip galvanizing

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