Our service Includes:


We have numerous capabilities and offer comprehensive, turnkey project management to coordinate every aspect of your project, from design and prototyping to full production, packaging, and shipping.

We provide manufacturing and fabrication services for a wide range of products, including:

·        CNC machining

·        Flange and Tubesheet

·        Steel Casting

·        Iron Casting

·        Investment Casting(lost wax and lost foam)

·        Aluminum Castings

·        Bronze Castings

·        Die Forgings

·        Open Die Forgings

·        Ring Forgings

·        Stampings

·        Fabrication

·        Kitting and Turnkey Manufacturing

We have a very strict quality control system under ISO requirement. We treat every customer and every project seriously. For each project, we have control plan with 3 main steps to ensure that every product meets your exact specifications

      First Article Inspection
      In production Inspection
      Pre shipment Inspection

Our Value Proposition Includes:

Well-equipped facilities with strong technical ability and large production capacity


Well-based in East China and allied with quality-conscious and cost-effective top manufacturers across a wide range of sectors.


Wholly-dedicated high-caliber professionals with both strong technique and commercial background as well as rich experience.


Privately-owned business, free from layers of authorities, complex working flowcharts and huge overhead costs.


The key to our success is the understanding of our customers’demand and to keep abreast of the time. We are always dedicated to the demands of a continuously changing market.


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