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Steel Casting
  • Steel Casting

Steel Casting

We provide steel casting services are practical options for production volumes ranging from prototype manufacturing to high-volume production runs.
The steel casting services are also offered as part of a complete one-stop, turnkey package, which includes designing, machining, packaging, and shipping. We are an ISO certified organization, which employs a statistical process control (SPC) system and part and tool probing to ensure the quality of our manufactured parts.

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Carbon steel, low-alloy steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, manganese steel, wear-resistant steel, corrosion resistant steel, heat-resistant steel, etc.


Green sand casting, Resin sand casting, Coated sand casting

Casting Size



As per the customer’s drawings or Samples

Equipment of Casting

Casting equipments:

Intermediate frequency furnace,60 ton alkaline electric arc furnace,Transferring ladle with capacity of 35ton, 50tons, and 75tons,Large heat treatment furnace and the supporting facilities including oxygen generation station, air compression plant, natural gas station, CO station

Machining: CNC milling machines, CNC turning machines, Gear hobbing machines, Drilling and tapping machines

Testing facility

Tensile strength tester, shock tester, Brinell/Rockwell hardness tester, magnetic particle inspection equipment, reflectoscope, Germany spectrometer, X-ray inspection equipment, coordinates measuring machining(CMM), pouring simulation system


ASTM, DIN, JIS, EN, ISO, GB standards


Pro/E,UG, Solidworks, Auto CAD, PDF

Heat Treatment

Anneal, Normalize, Quench & Temper, Case Hardening


Sand blasting, painting, overlay welding


OEM service available.


Press machine body, casting ladle, slag pot, spindle, Mill head, Mill hub, crush jaw, mill table, rocker arm, gear ring, bearing housing, grinding roller, support roller, hollow shaft, valve body, Planetary pinion carrier, hydraulic cylinder, Rotary kiln tyre,

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